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Solar water heating systems use free ( for now) heat from the sun to warm domestic hot water. A conventional boiler or immersion heater can be used to make the water hotter, or to provide hot water when solar energy is unavailable.

Its worth mentioning that the cost of supply and fitting such a system is not going to pay for itself through energy saving!

It’s a popular misconception that you get free hot water or that it will pay for itself – it doesn’t not yet anyway!

However, there is a saving in Co2 of around 230kg compared with gas and 510kg if you heat your hot water with electricity per year.

Our opinion is; "the technology is not there yet" but if we don’t continue to sell and fit what we have now, it will never get there!

half a tonne of carbon dioxide is still a lot of saving!

Although the general conception within our industry is service every 3-5yrs, we advise customers to have the system looked at when your boiler is being serviced ( yearly).


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