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All our work carries a minimum one-year guarantee except blockages!
By their very nature, blockages can develop at any moment and are dependent on what you put down there and how the system was installed.

Most blockages are a result of design even though pipework may have been “working for many years without fault”, it only takes a set of circumstances to show up.

It is our experience that if a blockage is cleared, then water will pass through the pipework unobstructed and therefore not backfill the pipe – the pipe will be clear!

Of course the blockage should be verified clear but having done this, there is no reason that the blockage should reappear say a day, a week or a month later unless design or another obstruction has found its way back in there.

If it was system design and we advise that the pipework should be altered and you refuse, that would then be your responsibility for any future blockages.

So I hope you can see why blockages are not easy to warranty.