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Engineer's questionnaire
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Question 1
Driving into work one morning, you see a people carrier at the side of the road with a flat tyre. There is a woman trying to jack the car up and two young children in the back seats.
What do you do;

Drive on by so as to get to work on time.

b)   Stop and help.

c)   Call the office

Question 2
A customer accuses you of damaging her carpet, do you;

a)  Deny it was you
b)   Advise that you will pay for it

c)   Call the office

Question 3
You fault find a combination boiler and determine that an air pressure switch is the culprit. You advise the customer, who requests that you supply and fit the part ASAP.

In fitting the part you see that the hose attached to the old one has a hole in it and will also require renewing, do you;

a)  Advice the customer of the extra work and cost
b)   Tape the old hose up and fit the air pressure switch.
c)   Call the office

Question 4

Having repaired the bath taps in a customers house, she gives you a £20 tip, do you;

Accept the tip and thank them

b)   Refuse the tip
c)   Accept the tip and advise the office

if you feel you can answer the above, send the answer in via email to ..........Good luck!

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