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Office questionnaire
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Question 1

On your second day, you notice a colleague “pocket £20” from petty cash.

what do you do;

a)  Confront them.
b)   Say nothing as it is only your second day.

c)   Report the incident to a manager.

Question 2
A customer accuses you of being rude and demands an apology, do you;

a)  Apologize and get on with your day
b)   Deny any wrong doing and get on with your day.
c)   Seek advice from a manager and do as instructed. 
Question 3
You have not been feeling well for several days and wake up late for work on a Friday, do you;

a)  Call in sick.
b)   Call in advising that you will be late.

c)   Go back to sleep.

Question 4

At the entrance to our shop, you notice a £20 note on the floor, do you;
a)  Put it in your pocket and think your self lucky
b)   Leave it on the floor and walk past
c)   Hand it in to a member of staff.

if you feel you can answer the above, send the answer in via email to ..........Good luck!

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