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Service hot line   0207 244 0800

Ryan Patterson ( )

The day to day running of the shop is managed by Ryan Patterson.Began as an apprentice way back, he is a qualified plumber and integral part of the business.

Likes: Charlton Athletic FC

Dislikes: Being late    

Oliver Cranstone (

Epitomizes consistency, the bricks and mortar of the company. Great attitude, easy to approach and very understanding.

Likes: Kill streaks

Dislikes: Being shot in MW3

Simone jooste (

With a keen eye on the scheduling diary and master of accounts, Simone Jooste is the “hub’ of the business, whatever happens in the business always gets back to her, the ultimate people person!

Likes:      Money.

Dislikes: being told what to do. (That’s what happens when you come up with all the best ideas!)

Keith Cassidy (

The day to day running of the Installation side, founder and manager Keith Cassidy. Commercial, domestic, solar and electrical qualifications ,a proven fault finder over 30years.

Likes: Perfection

Dislikes: Imperfection

Terrence Collins ( )

Started as an apprentice 6years ago, now fully qualified.

Has a great understanding, technical knowledge and feeling for the business “nuts and bolts” end.

Attitude second to none.

Likes: Chelsea FC

Dislikes: Pipes that are not straight