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We have real paranoia about services; let me tell you why.

Image your wife (its mostly wives I have to say, as they are generally the ones to GET THE JOB DONE!) notices the oil light flickering in the car so books and takes the car in for a service - £300+ vat and what do you actually get for that?

There is a 94% chance that she did not get value for money!

That percentage is also directly linked to the work not being properly done in accordance to the manufacturers handbook – and that includes the manufacturers doing the service as well.

If the manufacturers cannot get it right then who can? And there lies the basis of my paranoia.

Why cant we just do “what it says on the label”.

Well actually I know the answer to that – speed driven by profit driven by greed.

When in actual fact if they took the time they needed there would be less chance of error more chance of customer satisfaction and therefore more chance of profit.


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